Touchless Automatic Liquid Dispenser Machine High Volume 350ML Foam Soap Dispenser 3-10cm ABS Sanitizer Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom

  • $38.88

1. It can be used normally under sunlight.
2. Put down and not leak.
3. The water bottle is screwed and not easy to fall.The capacity is 350ML.
4. The number of times of foaming is not limited.The amount of foaming was 1 G/time.
5. Sensitive and anti-misoperation.
6. The consumption of the electrode is low
7. PET food grade materials are healthier and safer.

Package Contents:
1 Soap Dispenser with box, Batteries NOT included because of the shipping safety 
Note: Applicable foam type hand sanitizer. If it is a common type hand sanitizer, it needs to be used with water.