Multifunctional Cervical Massager

Item Type: Multifunctional Cervical Massager Material: ABS Pulse Frequency: 1-1000Hz Pulse Width: 20-400 Pulse Waveform: Fang Bo Power: DC 3V 30mA Powered By: 2 * AAA Battery( Not Included) Color: White Function: Relieve neck soreness, Promote blood circulation, Improve sleep quality,
Soothe nerves, Stimulate cell activity, Ease muscle pain. Neck massager portable electric
pulse multi-frequency cervical physiotherapy massager with six different vibration massage
modes for neck and shoulder pain relief.
Features and Benefits: 1. Magnetic effect helps promote blood circulation, relax local muscle. 2. Electrode slice design offers double massage efficacy. 3. Imitating 6 kinds of massage methods, 2 kinds automatic combination therapy mode,
4 kinds different physical therapy mode, which enables you to enjoy a comprehensive massage. 4. There are 16 strength grades in total, you can adjust to strengthen and weaken as per your actual need. 5. Telescopic joint design makes it fit closely to the neck to soothe neck stress,
relieve neck pain and prevent cervical spondylosis. 6. Moving massage at any angle and in large range to cover the whole neck, cervical vertebra even the shoulder. 7. 15 minutes physical therapy time.

Package Included: 1 x Neck Massager  2 x Electrodes Pads 1 x Connect Cord 1 x English Manual