Free shipping 12FT trampoline with net cover, stable, sturdy trampoline for children and adults, with net cover - suitable for outdoor trampoline for children, teenagers and adults

  • $442.12


1. Size: 12 feet

2. Diameter: 3.65M

3.4 Leg spring + stairs 72 springs

4. Covers an area of 10.17 square meters

5. The floor space is 3.7* 3.7m


1. Size: 14 feet

2. Diameter: 4.26m

3.4 Leg spring + stairs 80 springs

4. The floor area is 13.84 square meters

5. Floor space 4.3* 4.3m


1. Please confirm that you are using this trampoline alone.

2. Do not use the trampoline when it is tilted or damaged.

Children under 12 years of age should play this product with their parents, and do not use ladders or other irrelevant accessories on the trampoline.