• Stainless Steel Egg/Pancake Molds
  • Stainless Steel Egg/Pancake Molds
  • Stainless Steel Egg/Pancake Molds

Stainless Steel Egg/Pancake Molds

  • $24.00

Lovely shape mold for cooking eggs or pancakes for your lover as well as your family.

Convenient to use and clean. Don't need to worry about being scalded.

Makes multiple eggs and pancakes at the same time without the mess.

Ideal for making pancakes, crumpets, etc. Great for cookies, omelets, hash browns and so much more!

Fast, easy and fun way to make perfect egg and pancakes every time!

You can throw away your microwave egg poachers, egg poacher pans, electric egg poachers - this simple egg gadget is all you need.
100% brand new and high quality.
Quantity: 5 pieces
Material: stainless steel
size: 10.5*8.5*1.5cm
Package Include:
1X Stainless Steel Fried Egg mold (5pieces)

1. Use a pan with a pretty flat bottom. If you put these rings in a curved or warped pan, egg is likely to leak from under the ring no matter what you do.
2. Put the oil on the mold can make the eggs better separated.
3. Put the egg rings in, and move them around a little to catch some of the grease between the ring and the pan surface.
4. Let it sit for a half-minute or so to let the egg ring heat up
5. Add the egg white or egg slowly. Because both the pan and the ring are hot, and there's some hot oil in between, when the egg white gets to any gap between the ring and the pan, it instantly cooks a little and forms a seal. Then the rest of the egg white or egg won't leak out.
6. Turn the heat down, Cooked until top edge of egg was just firm enough to not leak out, with just a little bit of liquid still on top, then removed the ring - very easily too, and flipped it with the spatula.