Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

  • $69.48

This anti-fatigue stand mat is designed to help you move subconsciously throughout the working day. Unlike the standard flat mat used in offices this mat is specially designed for standing desks.

It's made of anti-skid rubber and SBR which can provide you with long-term service. Its unique design combines the features of flat mat and movable mat. The large size provides enough space to promote foot movement. Tilt sideways stretch your calves and 2 massage balls help relieve arch tension. Moreover there is a massage belt at the back of it which helps to promote blood circulation. It's a perfect mat to keep you exercising during a busy workday.

If you are looking for this product don't hesitate to place an order!

  • Massage ball and belt help promote blood circulation and reduce foot fatigue
  • SBR material makes it have good waterproof and shock absorption effect
  • Anti-skid rubber keeps it close to the ground and ensures your safety in use
  • Large size provides enough space to promote the movement of feet
  • This cushion will give you energy and motivation during your busy working day
  • Different ways of activities keep you from getting bored during the day's standing
  • Compact size makes it suitable for home kitchen office and laboratory
  • The waterproof surface is easy to clean and maintain