Multi-Color Keyboard and Mouse set

  • $36.91

Classic steampunk key cover design, fashionable retro style. Backlight brightly colored mixed light design, can be turned off. Adopt metal panels and sandblasting technology, high-end durable. Highly flexible floating buttons can be comparable to mechanical keyboards. Fn + Multimedia function combination shortcut key design. Retro round key hat design, character laser sculpture is not faded

1: Running horse lamp glare design: The mouse has a full-color marquee system. In the dark night environment, the eyes flow brightly, decorating the environment of the game player, experiencing the environment in the game, unique personality, and is also the best choice for the most office mouse.

2: Comfortable anti-skid wheel design: Mouse wheel design adopts anti-skid lines, effective anti-skid anti-sweat, feel more comfortable, and gather fashion and personality appearance. It is ergonomically designed, suitable for the hand and comfortable to grip.

3: Three-gear DPI can be accelerated: the mouse uses the 800-1200 -1600 three-speed cycle mode and can be switched to the heart. It is suitable for any game use environment, accurate positioning, and is a must for competitive games and entertainment.

4: Weight Block Architecture Design: The tail of the mouse is designed with a weight block architecture. Its texture is particularly prominent, and the work or game is more stable and accurate.

Support window: 2000/xp/win7/win8/win10/vista 32bit/ios or later / Apple.

Keyboard Parameters:

Number of keys: 104 keys

Voltage / Current: 5V/100 mA

Keyboard line length: 1.5 meters

Keyboard Net Weight: 696g

Product Size: 450 X 135 X 26mm

Button life: 5 million times:

Material: ABS + Metal Panel

Key Cover Type: Punk Cycle Hanging

Multimedia Button: Support

Transmission method: USB interface

Transport mode: Color mixed light

Mouse Parameters:

Number of keys: 4 keys

Voltage / Current: 5 V/ 100 mA

Materials: ABS

Rat line length: 1.4 meters:

Mouse Net Weight: 160g

Product Size: 115x64x38mm

Critical lives: 5 million

Mode of operation: photoelectric sensors

Dpi switch: 800-1200-1600DPI

Transport mode: USB interface

Light effect characteristics: bright colors

Packing Size: 56 * 16 * 4.6 cm

Key Mouse Set Gross Weight: 887g



1X Keyboard

1X Mouse

1X English and Russian manual