1000 Piece Magnetic Beads Set

  • $39.20
  • $39.20

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF MAGNETISM with this 1000 piece set! Putting the power of magnetism in the palm of your hands with these ultra-durable premium spheres that will set your imagination free. Craft any shape or figure you see in your mind and watch the magic come to life. Mold and mash any structure or shape your heart desires.

  • Great Gift! Kids have been watching millions of YouTubers stack these things for hours! They are so satisfying to watch!
  • GOODBYE STRESS AND BOREDOM! The perfect stress reliever and daytime boredom buster.
  • They also make an excellent sensory tool to improve concentration, focus, attention, and active listening. They create a sense of calmness, while promoting problem solving and creative thinking skills. Squeeze into a stress balls and enjoy the therapeutic relief. With our super portable storage case you are able to bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you.
  • AGES 14+: Keep away from all children!