3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press

  • $25.27

Beef it up with stuffed burgers. This stuffed burger press will help you to easily create delicious hamburger patties with different fillings!

How about a burger stuffed with cheese? Or why not bacon? Or even better: Cheese and bacon! Make your stuffed burger in three easy steps:

- Form the base with the hamburger press
- Stuff the burger with your choice of filling
- Seal it and press. Done!

 Without a stuffed burger press, it could get messy: the burgers could spill out and look like meatballs that have been run over. With the stuffed hamburger press, it's easy to get great looking stuffed burgers. You can also make regular patties and even the smaller sliders with this 3-in-1 press!

Think outside the box when you make your burger. Try using minced pork, beef, turkey or chicken. The same applies to the filling.

- Hamburger press for stuffed burgers with filling of own choice, Sliders and regular patties.
- Make the burgers with eg. beef, chicken, turkey etc.
- Dishwasher safe
- Material: plastic
- Diameter: 12.5 cm diameter, height: 6 cm