Portable Dustproof Disposable Mask Case Face Mask storage box plastic Rectangle organiser Travel Household Pollution Prevention (Not Including Mask))

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Due to the global epidemic of the new crown epidemic, masks are a necessity for every family. But sometimes there is no such trouble, go out, go to work, do business, and want to prepare some masks, nowhere to put, so as not to be contaminated by bacterial dust. Now there is a mask storage box that can hold 5-10 masks to solve our troubles. Whether you are at home or going out, you can protect the mask from dust. Not only  storage mask , you can also add some ID card , so that they can be accessed at any time when needed.



1. Made of high-quality materials, non-toxic and tasteless, smooth surface.

2. Dust-proof, moisture-proof, lightweight and easy to carry.

3. The mask storage box is easy to open and has good sealing.

4. Effectively isolate the mask from contact with dust and dirt, and can be store 10 masks.

5. It can store various masks, which is very practical.

Package included:1*Mask Storage Box (not included mask)

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