3 Ball Muscle, Cellulite Massage Roller

  • $44.22

Get deep into tissues to message out aches and pains! Message roller comes with Downloadable Message Guide!

Relieve Stress and Muscle Tightness with this handheld Fascia Roller for Cellulite and Sore Muscles. Long 18-inchs with 2 grip handles on both ends to reach behind back or legs. Handles include ergonomic grip for added comfort and control. 

* Pinpoint Massage - Target pressure points, increase circulation and alleviate sore muscles.
* Increase Circulation - Stimulate tissue and promote blood flow through tired, cold muscles.
* Compress and Stretch Muscles - The specially designed nodules deepen the massage and help compress and stretch muscles making it highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points on cold muscles.


- 18" Long / 0.55lbs.
- Includes a downloadable massage guide
- Ideal for relief of sports-related injuries or strains